10 Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship

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10 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

Ah, relationships...the greatest joy or the greatest burden depending on who you ask. But what is it that makes a great relationship so…well…great? Below are some signs of a strong, healthy relationship:

1. You can be yourself around each other

Like ALL the time. Whether it be when you’re dressed up, dressed down, feeling great, or sick as ever--you feel like you are loved and accepted as you are, quirks and all.

2. You don’t feel the need to hide things from each other

There’s no need to sneak around one another or hide things, nor do you feel the need to filter out your true thoughts and feelings. You are both open and honest with each other about everything and feel secure in doing so.

3. Conversation is easy

You click. You can spend hours talking about anything and everything. You don’t feel awkward trying to scramble for things to say, things just flow.

4. You enjoy spending time with each other

This may seem obvious, but people in healthy relationships look forward to spending time together. This could mean going on a big trip, or something as simple as hanging out, doing absolutely nothing...together.

5. But you can also spend time apart

In the same token, it is also healthy to be able to spend time apart. There are plenty of moments in life where we have to go out by ourselves, or want to spend time with friends or family alone. A major part of being in a relationship is to remain yourself and maintain your other relationships, rather than blowing everyone off to spend time with your significant other.

6. You talk, rather than fight

Disagreements and miscommunications...they’re virtually inevitable with ANY relationship we are in. But, that doesn’t mean that this has to turn into a full-blown, guns blazing, screaming match. Rather, couples can just communicate with one another to talk about how they’re feeling, understand how the other person is feeling, what the problem actually is, and how they can fix it, together.

7. You look forward to a future together

Now this doesn’t mean planning a wedding out after a week of dating, but couples who have been together for awhile shouldn’t cringe at the thought of a future together. Members of healthy relationships are open about their hopes for the future and find ways to make their dreams come to fruition.

8. You have similar goals

Tying in closely to #7 is that people in healthy relationships tend to have similar goals. They are able to communicate with one another and express what they really want for their relationship and in their lives. Everyone is different and there are countless paths that people can choose for their lives. However, in a relationship, it is pretty important that both members of the relationship are on the same page.

9. You go to one another for support

You know those major things in life? You know, those huge accomplishments and the monstrous upsets? Or even those little annoyances that you just have to vent about? Who is the first person you think to call up when those things happen? In a healthy relationship, healthy couples usually go to one another first, and are there with each other through every step of life...the good, the bad, and the in-between. They rely on one another and are each other’s greatest support system.

10. They are your best friend

They’re not just your partner...they’re you’re best friend, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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