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Ashley Fellows, LCSW - Therapist and practice owner.

Ashley Fellows, LCSW - Therapist and practice owner.

Isn’t this the worst?! Has something just happened and you feel like you’ve had enough and are going to try therapy? At some point in our lives we have all felt not good enough, not like ourselves or worried about the future or social situations. It can be really painful to go through your daily life feeling overwhelmed and inadequate.

Imagine taking an hour for yourself or your child to feel better! To slow down and learn tools to handle depression, anxiety, school, work and your relationships. To feel understood by an objective person who cares about your wellbeing.

I do my best to understand your unique situation and make you feel valued and able to tackle whatever challenges that come your way. I use evidence based practices including cognitive behavioral therapy, problem solving therapy with some personalized cheerleading and humor to get you where you need to go.

I am the co-founder of Hudson LCSW Group with my husband Dan. My goal is to create a supportive, neutral and nonjudgmental environment so one can talk openly and honestly. I like to think that has been achcieved!

Call today for a free 15 minute consultation.

 More: I am mom to boy/girl twins, lover of desserts and live music. 

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Dan Fellows, LCSW - Therapist and practice owner.

Dan Fellows, LCSW - Therapist and practice owner.

As a therapist, I love to help people get unstuck. With non judgmental listening, training in a variety of therapies and a genuine passion of helping others, I can support you or your child to make the changes necessary to live your/their best life.

I am the co-founder and director of Hudson LCSW Group. I started a psychotherapy practice with my wife, Ashley, because of our shared passion to help others experience a happier more meaningful life. 

I received a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Arizona and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Michigan. I have served with AmeriCorps, participating in various national and community service projects throughout the Southeast and trained at top ranked hospitals. 

I have lived in various communities, worked in multiple settings and helped different types of people. I believe my diverse background allows me to bring a unique understanding of people and their experiences.

It is essential to feel comfortable with whom you are sharing your deepest thoughts and I welcome the opportunity to form a trusting relationship. Making a positive impact on people's lives is truly rewarding and continues to allow me to love what I do! 

Call today for a free 15 minute consultation.

More: I enjoy being outdoors with our wheaten terrier Barney, a good cup of coffee, and spending time with my amazing family. 

Sarah Carfagna, LMSW - Therapist

Sarah Carfagna, LMSW - Therapist

Feeling frustrated? Stuck? Anxious about life changes? Lets talk.

Whether you are struggling to keep up with demands at school, navigating the ups and downs of parenthood, working to grow in your personal or professional life, or experiencing a major life change, having the right person to talk to can make all the difference.

You want to be sure that no matter what comes up, you have the right tools to work through each situation, so that you can stay on track to reach your goals. That's where I come in.

I employ Person Centered Planning and CBT techniques to help my clients determine where they are, where they want to be and how we can get there even with bumps in the road.

It is okay to take the next step and begin this important act of self care. Call to schedule your first appointment today.

More: I enjoy doing art projects with my kids, participating in flamenco dance and exploring nature.

Tim Pellegrin, LMSW - Therapist

Tim Pellegrin, LMSW - Therapist

Needing some support? Feeling ready for change?

We all have aspects of our lives we wish were different.

  • You or a loved one may be experiencing some feelings of inadequacy or isolation.

  • Maybe fear is holding you back too much, or you wish you could feel a little more at ease in your own skin and a little less anxious.

  • Maybe your deepest struggles currently revolve around the relationships in your life, and sadness is a daily burden.

Whatever it is that you’d like to face, to see change, to more skillfully navigate, I’d be honored to partner with you as you start (or perhaps continue) down your path of growth and healing that the moment calls for. Your bravery will be met with empathy and non-judgment, openness and sincere interest. Everyone is unique, so I pull from different treatment modalities guided by your particular needs and goals.

I have worked in hospitals, schools, supportive housing, foster care---diverse settings with diverse partners. I have found in all this work that, at its heart, people want to feel connected, valued, validated and understood. People also want to better understand themselves, and their relationships. I’d love to join you in your exploration.

A little more about me: I aim to be present to life’s moments…most grateful for those that include family, friends, music, and the great outdoors.

Allison Hartman, LCSW - Therapist

Allison Hartman, LCSW - Therapist

Accepting yourself and where you are in life can be challenging.

Over the past decade I’ve had the privilege of helping people accept and manage difficult periods of their lives. I’ve learned that when the dust settles from crisis, people often feel alone and vulnerable. Part of my job is to hold some of your pain and create space for healing.

Through the years, I’ve worked with individuals of all ages and their families. Areas of focus include youth empowerment, building self-confidence, body image, anxiety & depression, trauma, addiction, domestic violence, medical trauma and more.

I graduated with my BA in Sociology from Stern College for Women and received my Master’s Degree from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. I pursued advanced clinical training in the field of trauma and resilience from the Israel Center for Treatment of Psycho-trauma.

During our work together I will create a safe, comfortable, and accepting environment where I will meet you where you are, because wherever you are in your journey is ok!

Call today for a free 15 minute consultation.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
Dr. Seuss

Grace John, LMHC - Therapist

Grace John, LMHC - Therapist

Struggling with anxiety, depression, substance use, loss, or pressures of life and work, can feel overwhelming.

Often times it feels like your friends and family can’t or won’t understand how you feel.

Everyone experiences this struggle at some point in their life. It is what you make of this situation that shifts the trajectory of your experience and your life. This is where therapy comes in.

I believe in the benefits of talk therapy, and incorporating practical skills into your everyday life in order to help manage your symptoms while continuing to juggle all life’s roles. I understand and believe in the importance of mental well-being when handling the pressures of an intense environment at work, school, or home.

I have extensive experience working with adults, and adolescents struggling w/ mental health issues. I believe in a collaborative approach in therapy and work from a psycho-therapeutic perspective, integrating DBT and CBT skills. My research interests include trauma and resiliency, specifically focusing on the development of PTSD, and the trajectories of potentially traumatic events.

Call today for a free 15 minute consultation.

More: I enjoy traveling, reading mystery novels, spending time w/ family and friends, game nights, and cats!

Jamie Scalzo - Student Intern and Client Liaison

Jamie Scalzo - Student Intern and Client Liaison

Let’s face it, life just isn’t going the way you planned.

  • You hope for smooth sailing but all you see are stormy seas with no end in sight.

  • You feel broken down and hopeless.

  • Your anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem, or life stress, is growing larger and taking over.

  • You feel yourself losing control and there is nothing you can do to change it.

  • You look around and see everyone’s “perfect” lives and all you can wonder is why you can’t feel like that.

    I get it...and you are not alone.

    Now picture your dream life…

    You are the person you want to be and everything is finally the way you wanted! It turned out that the seemingly endless storm passed over, and you were just a visitor in a dark place. You are now strong enough to overcome whatever comes your way.

    My goal is to support you as you move from where you are to where you want to be. Confiding in someone isn’t easy and I welcome the opportunity to develop a strong and trusting relationship. My approach applies CBT techniques, while honoring your individuality and what works best for you. Therapy is a journey and I would love to take that ride with you!

    More: I love coffee, fitness, and spending time with my pet gecko, Crouton"

As someone who is naturally drawn to speaking with others and providing support, I am excited to be also working as the Client Liaison for Hudson LCSW Group.

I can help you...

  • Answer any questions about therapy and getting started

  • Schedule an initial session

  • Cancel and reschedule an existing session

  • Explain your out of network benefits

  • And more...just ask