What you can Expect from us?

We provide a supportive, neutral and nonjudgmental environment so you can talk openly and honestly. We often will incorporate activities, lessons, education, demonstrations, and may assign homework for you to practice skills and strategies explored in session. We really want this process to be about you and our job will be to guide you where you want to go. 

Individual Sessions

Depending on your individual needs we will help you better understand yourself and your relationships, set personal goals, teach coping skills, work through challenging memories, focus on change, or achieve any other desired goals or outcomes. We offer an eclectic approach to therapy using elements and techniques from a wide range of proven approaches or interventions, such as....

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which focuses on exploring the relationships between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Problem Solving Therapy to teach you to effectively manage the negative effects of stressful events that can occur in life
  • Systems Therapy to explore behavioral patterns and your role in your environment
  •  Motivational Interviewing to elicit change by helping you explore and resolve ambivalence


Relationships need hard work. Oftentimes, couples benefit from a neutral and objective ear. We have comprehensive postgraduate training that enable us to understand differences in communication, expectations, and values between partners. Once differences are identified and examined, we work with you to move past barriers and into a more fulfilling relationship. 

Child Therapy


Your child will...

  • identify negative or anxiety provoking thoughts and learn to replace with better ones
  • face their fears through exposure leading to a reduction in anxiety
  • feel comfortable
  • understand that their issues are manageable

Your child will learn:

  • how anxiety and other mental disorders work (psychoeducation is huge!)
  • techniques to counter anxiety symptoms
  • appropriate skills to address thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • ways to identify and change unhealthy behaviors
  • and more!

    Parents click here for more on child therapy


Parenting is not easy and there are many challenges that come with it. By providing you with tools and techniques necessary,  you will be able to help your child feel better, improve family life, and feel less stressed from the demands of parenting. Reassurance and support with the difficult job of being a parent is also what you may benefit from. 

Parent Coaching Can Address:

  • Learning tools to help child with anxiety
  • Discipline & behavior issues
  • Coping with child's developmental delays or learning disabilities
  • Attachment and separation issues
  • Educational planning
  • Divorce and co-parenting concerns
  • Dealing with tough conversation
  • General problem solving

Common Reasons Clients Contact Us

Life Transitions
Parent Frustration
Peer/Family Conflict
Ineffective Coping Skills
Communication Enhancement
Emotional Regulation
Ongoing Stress

Anxiety and Panic
Career Dissatisfaction
School/Work Related Problems
Relationship Issues
Anger Management
Health Changes
Low Self-Esteem
Postpartum Adjustment