What to Expect When Starting Therapy

What should I expect starting therapy?

What to Expect When Starting Therapy

Okay...you’ve done your research, made the calls, and have booked your initial session. Whew, what a relief!

But then the questions begin: “Wait, what did I get myself into?”, “What are we going to talk about?”, “How do I know if they’re a good fit?”, “What should I expect going into therapy?”

These are common questions that people ask as they take that first step toward beginning therapy. And it’s totally normal. Who isn’t a little apprehensive starting any relationship, let alone starting therapy?

So now to your question...what should you expect?

For starters, therapy is a process, not a one time deal

Many may think that in their first session, they have to cover every part of their life story, come up with goals, and feel better instantly. In reality, that is super overwhelming to attempt to do, and virtually impossible to actually do.


During your first session, expect some introductions. You’re starting a relationship, and like any, it needs time to build trust and comfort. Expect some questions about your background and what brought you to therapy. Expect to talk a bit about what has been going on in your life lately.

All about you

In therapy, your session is there for you. It is your time to talk about what you want and work on what you want. Expect your therapist to be there to listen to you talk and to provide you with support and guidance based on your goals.

Starting therapy can be a bit intimidating at first, we get that! Try to be as open and honest with your therapist about how you’re feeling as possible. As time goes on, you will more than likely become more comfortable with therapy and develop your own understanding as to what it means to you.

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