What is Postpartum Anxiety?

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What is Postpartum Anxiety?

Many of us are familiar with Postpartum Depression. However, there are many other conditions that can arise during pregnancy or following childbirth, one of them being Postpartum Anxiety. Keep reading to learn more about what Postpartum Anxiety is and how it can be treated.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Cause Many Changes

Pregnancy and childbirth? There are countless changes that happen to women during this period of time. Aside from growing and giving birth to a baby, women’s bodies experience significant hormonal changes that have major effects on mood. More than that, pregnancy and life as a new parent comes with various lifestyle changes and adaptations, which can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. On top of these changes, mental disorders can also sneak in and affect expecting and new mothers.

What is Postpartum Anxiety?

Postpartum anxiety is a form of anxiety that develops shortly after giving birth.

Some Symptoms of Postpartum Anxiety Include:

  • Constant worry

  • Trouble remaining still

  • Fear of something bad happening

  • Changes in sleep and/or appetite

How Common is Postpartum Anxiety?

Anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum is not uncommon. According to Postpartum Support International, 6 percent of women experience anxiety during pregnancy, and 10 percent of women develop anxiety postpartum.

What Can Be Done to Help Postpartum Anxiety?

Postpartum anxiety is treatable. Attending therapy can serve to deeply support women experiencing postpartum anxiety with understanding their symptoms, developing coping skills, and learning how to help feel better. Medications can also be used in conjunction with therapy as an additional support if needed. Lastly, setting aside time for relaxation and self-care and maintaining strong social supports can be greatly beneficial for women who are experiencing postpartum anxiety.

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