Exposed: Myths About Therapy

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Exposed: Myths About Therapy

Therapy...the word itself may make some people feel uneasy, but why? There are a lot of misconceptions around what therapy is like, keep reading to learn more about some common myths about therapy:

1. The Couch

Ah, yes, the couch. When many people think of therapy, they picture the couch depicted in old time therapy where you lay down and your therapist analyzes your deepest, darkest thoughts. While this may have been common at points in time, traditional Freudian-style therapy is far more the exception than the norm these days.

The Reality

Expect a comfortable spot to sit, where you are able to face your therapist and have a conversation.

2. Only for Serious Cases

Another common thought people have is “I’m having some issues but I’m still able to get on with my day and live my normal life, I don’t need therapy!” Therapy is beneficial for anyone, or arguably everyone, at points in their lives. This ranges from the most severe cases of mental illness down to people looking for some extra support and tips on how to deal with life’s daily stresses.

The Reality

No matter what you’re dealing with or how severe or mild you may think it is, if you want someone to talk to, come to therapy.

3. Uncovered Memories

Maybe some of you have feared therapy as you are wary of uncovering some deep, dark, repressed memory. This has been portrayed throughout the years as a common part of therapy.

The Reality

Therapy is not aimed at uncovering repressed memories or about going into depth on every detail of your past. The aim of therapy is to support you with whatever you are going through.

4. Scary Process

Therapy may seem intimidating at first, and we get that. It isn’t always easy to talk about the hard stuff, let alone to someone we know virtually nothing about.

The Reality

It’s totally normal to feel a little nervous at first. However, as time goes on, you will most likely find that you become more and more comfortable with confiding in your therapist, knowing that it is a safe space for you to talk about what you want.

These are just a handful of the countless myths that surround therapy. As you can see, these myths are just that--myths. It is totally normal to have these thoughts as you consider therapy or are awaiting your first session. Yet as you get into therapy, you will come to find that rather than being a scary place of digging up secrets and laying on a couch, therapy is a spot for you to talk openly and work on things to help you live your most fulfilled life.

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