4 Self-Care Practices You NEED To Try This Spring

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4 Self-Care Practices You NEED To Try This Spring

As the days grow longer and the sun returns from its long hibernation, many of us start to feel the itch to get going. Here are 4 things you need to try to practice self-care this spring!

1. Go on regular walks

If you are like most of us, you probably spent a lot more time sitting inside this winter than you would have liked. As the weather warms up, take advantage by setting time aside for a regular walk outside. This can be a hike, a walk in the park, or even a stroll around your neighborhood. Getting some fresh air and sunshine can make a world of a difference for your energy and mood.

2. Sit outside

Have to get work done? Try taking some of your work outside with you! If your work requires sitting with paperwork or doing something portable, try bringing your work outside. This will allow you to get some more fresh air and enjoy the weather while still getting your work done.

3. Do some spring cleaning

Spring cleaning--a joy for some and a curse for others. Whether we enjoy it or not, one thing that most of us can agree on is the feeling of accomplishment we get from decluttering our lives. Taking some time aside to clean through those areas of our home that we’ve been avoiding can help us feel accomplished of our progress and more organized!

4. Spend time with others

Along with the spring usually comes more social events. Between kid’s sports practices, end of the year activities, and family gatherings, the spring usually brings us together with others and puts us in more social situations. Really focus on enjoying this time with others. While things may feel hectic, being able to spend time socializing with our support networks can be seriously beneficial on our mood and stress levels.

There you have it--four things you can do this spring to practice self-care and feel great! Self-care is a vital practice for all of us in order to feel our best and perform our best. For more information and tips for self-care, check out this blog.

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